Starbridge is focused on a wide range of early-stage, disruptive technology companies that expand what it means to be a ‘space’ company. The interdisciplinary nature of technologies generated by the space sector are unique and innovative. There is true innovation happening across multiple fields of science and technology currently, and at a pace that is quite obviously accelerating. Within these technologies, our focus is on finding and investing in those companies whose products will play an important role in developing new commercial space activity, while at the same time having large potential in existing markets right here on earth. We call these companies and products ‘Space Scalable,’ and believe they are the foundation on which the next decade of both commercial space and successful space investing will be built.

While there have been high profile investments in the sector, Starbridge sees many worthwhile companies able to raise seed rounds from visionary angels and funds but who struggle to raise Series A and beyond rounds. This is the gap Starbridge is looking to fill. For us the perfect investment would 

  • be an operating business with revenue,
  • have terrestrial applications in developed markets,
  • have a mix of commercial and government customers,
  • not be dependent on new space infrastructure (e.g. no moon bases),
  • have a realistic exit strategy,
  • have already proven it's product/market fit,
  • is seeking funds to execute on their growth plan,
  • Is open to Starbridge having an active role in growing the company

But perfect investments are rare. If a few of those criteria don't apply then the Starbridge team can provide the guidance and possibly the capital to get you there.