Space technology development generates a very high rate of spin-off technologies that play a key role in some of the most impactful innovations on Earth (communications, computing, energy, etc.) The rapid growth and technological changes happening now will define the next decade of commercial space development

Our investments combine traditional tech investments and space development opportunities, have large terrestrial market potential, have proven or provable success, and have clear pathways to liquidity.


Starbridge’s team of veteran science, technology, and finance professionals have the deal flow visibility and domain expertise to nurture companies through the hardest parts of their growth. We specifically help companies understand where they sit within the industry value chain and how that value chain changes when stressed. Having seen two extreme economic downturns up close, the team can help companies understand how to survive the inevitable recessions and crisis that will happen. 


Investing in an emerging sector like space technology requires partners. If you are interested in working with us to help build great companies please: