General Partners


steven Jorgenson

Steven is a founding partner of the Space Finance Group, Quantum Space Products, Space Angels Network, and Integrated Space Analytics. Steven is also an active angel investor in numerous other aerospace startups, giving him valuable personal experience as both the Investor and the startup Entrepreneur, as well as extensive experience as a professional investment fund manager. 

Steven is Portfolio Manager for hedge fund Woodridge Capital, was previously PM for the Viridian Fund for over a decade, and in 2016 he founded Fifth Point Advisors, a Registered Investment Advisor company (RIA) where he continues to serve clients as Investment Advisor Representative.

Steven graduated with honors from UW-Madison with degrees in Bacteriology, Biology, and Business.


Scott livingston

Scott is the CEO of Livingston Securities, The Livingston Group of Companies, and Scott Livingston Asset Management (SLAM). Scott Livingston Asset Management (SLAM) is acting as the co-General Partner for Starbridge Venture Capital.

Scott has been financing innovation across multiple industries:  stem cells, longevity, regenerative medicine, genomics, and other life sciences technologies over the past 20 years. He has facilitated over 150 public market transactions since 2011.

Scott is a Board Member of the Nanobusiness Alliance and the New York Nanobusiness Alliance. He holds FINRA registrations Series 4, 7, 24, 27, 53, 55, 63, 65, 79 and 87.

He has a B.A. from the University of Albany, SUNY

Michael Mealling

Michael co-founded Masten Space Systems, was CTO of Seraph Group (a seed stage VC fund), is the CEO of the Waypaver Foundation, and the President of the Moon Society. He has helped build several startups over the years ranging from telecom consulting to social media.

His experience building companies and teams from scratch, raising money for those companies, and investing in similar companies has given Michael a view both the successes and failures at every stage of building sustainable companies. 

He received an MBA from Georgia Tech in 2011.


Management Team


Lindsey Yee

Lindsey is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and previously worked at NASA Ames Research Center on the Intelligent Systems Research and Development Support Contract. She’s active in the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) which promotes students and young professionals’ visions for international space policy at the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) and in industry. Through her years of experience in the space industry, having worked at NASA and abroad, this has enabled her to identify key sectors open to further innovation while her years at NASA and SGAC have provided a valuable network within the space industry.

Lindsey completed her masters in Space Studies at the International Space University and her undergraduate degree at Boston University in International Relations Business and Economics in East Asia.

Gary Bickford

Gary has combined long term professional involvement in advanced technology startup companies and applied research institutions with a lifelong interest in space and belief in the future of humans in space.

He has founded or co-founded multiple high tech startups, including one that achieved listing on the American Stock Exchange with a valuation of over $225,000,000. In that startup he worked on projects for companies including Martin Marietta, General Electric, and McDonnell Douglas.

He later was a Project Scientist in the Visual Understanding Lab at Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute and Control Systems Manager for Red Whittaker's RedZone Robotics, managing development of a robotics controller for Westinghouse Nuclear. 

Gary believes that the companies who participate in the early stages of commercial and private space development today will be the core institutions for the future of humans in space. 

Richard Godwin

Richard Godwin has been a serial entrepreneur and businessman since childhood. He has successfully created and built small medium and large companies over several industries in both Europe and North America.

He became interested in space exploration when he was seven years old and avidly followed the Apollo Program to land people on the moon as well as many space programs since then. He has served as a Director on the Board of both the National Space Society and the Space Frontier Foundation. He created and managed an asteroid research program known as “The Watch” which raised funding for asteroid discovery and characterization and presented its findings to the U.S Congress on Capitol Hill.

With his brother Robert, he owns Apogee Books, a space book publishing company which today has over 400 technical space exploration books in print, as well as operating - an enormous repository of space industry data.

He has worked as a business consultant for Elon Musk at SpaceX building a business model for their nascent DragonLab spacecraft program. He served as CEO and Director of Zero Gravity Solutions Inc., ostensibly the world’s first public company creating new products and technology on the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station for use on Earth. He also served as CEO and President of Zero Gravity Life Sciences at that time.

He is currently Senior Managing member of Space Technology Holdings, a California based space technology development company as well as one of its subsidiaries Rideshare2Orbit, a space transportation company. He also serves as a business consultant and Director of several cutting edge NewSpace and aerospace companies.

Howard Kuo 郭家豪

Howard joined Starbridge in May as Principal in charge of Starbridge's Asia office. He contributes global sales and marketing and manufacturing expertise and is responsible for investor relations and deal identification across Asia. In addition to Starbridge, he manages an angel fund, energy storage solution companies and sits on the boards of companies in the US, Taiwan and China.

Howard is an entrepreneur and has held senior positions at energy storage, manufacturing and semiconductor companies in the US, China, and Taiwan. He turned around a battery manufacturing startup in China. He grew an IoT sensor device businesses for Maxim Integrated to +70% gross margin, achieved multiple #1 market share of analog and power device applications and $120M for STMicroelectronics.

Howard enjoys volunteering and has been a philanthropist since 2002 with an emphasis on children’s education. He is a founding member of Bullis Charter School and held several school board positions in Silicon Valley.

Howard received his Bachelor of Industrial Engineering degree from Georgia Institute of Technology in 1995.